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Complete Currency Trader Course

The definitive home study package for professional traders


  • In-depth Forex education & training
  • Proprietary currency strength analysis software
  • Professional speculative trading system
  • Comprehensive forex business & trade planning
  • High quality trading video tutorials
  • Progressive 6 phase trader training process
  • Multiple indicators & automated trade management EA’s

The Complete Currency Trader Forex course is an unrivalled trading package designed to help struggling traders with every aspect of becoming consistently profitable. The course includes everything you need to achieve real success, including advanced forex education, proprietary market analysis software, a proven mechanical trading system, detailed Forex business planning, and a trader training sequence designed to guide you methodically through the process of skill development. Plus there’s the unprecedented opportunity to get ongoing advice and support from a real trader!

Forex Knowledge & Education

This opening module is the foundation on which the rest of the course, and indeed the entire package is built. This contains the essential information without which, successful trading is all but impossible. This is by no means “basic” in nature, but rather is a detailed and thorough educational section which at times covers highly complex topics in an easy to understand manner.

eduFolderSection 1 – Knowledge

The advantages of trading the Forex market

  • Discover the benefits which make forex unique compared to other markets
  • Learn what each advantage is and why they will help you
  • Understand exactly why currency trading is the superior choice for wealth creation

The Forex marketplace

  • Learn a little history of the world currency markets from the past
  • Find out about the origins and circumstances that led to the creation of the modern market we trade
  • Get to know about the size and composition of the market as a whole (spot, futures, options etc)
  • An introduction to who uses the market, when, and for what purpose

The Forex market structure

  • Get an accurate overview of the exact structure of the market
  • See how our market differs from more traditional markets (and what that means for you)
  • Understand the different tiers and where you fit in to the organizational framework
  • Appreciate the different price and accessibility options
  • Discover the true reason behind the enormous size of volume of daily forex transactions

Brokers and dealers

  • Find out the real differences between brokers and dealers that most traders have no idea about
  • Learn how both types can help or hurt you so you can make the right choices for who to trade with
  • Understand their different objectives to appreciate what it means for you and your own best interest
  • Separate fact from fiction so you can trade without concern or suspicion

Traders and participants

  • Learn the facts about the various entities who uses the Spot market and why
  • Get a complete explanation about utilitarian, profit motivated, and futile traders (the 3 main categories)
  • Know exactly how each of the major participant groups effect the market, prices, and your profits
  • Understand where you fit in to the market and what dangers and advantages that position offers you

Liquidity and volatility

  • Get a thorough explanation of what liquidity and volatility are and how they are related
  • Learn the 3 elements of liquidity – immediacy, width, & depth – and what they offer to you
  • Understand the difference between fundamental and transitory volatility
  • Learn how to measure and interpret liquidity to identify the best conditions to trade in
  • Appreciate how volatility effects profit and loss and can be an ally to assist in profit making
Market mechanics and microstructure
  • Fully understand the inner working components of the market on an intricate level
  • Find out why and how prices really move (often without any buying or selling taking place)
  • Understand the order flow which influences directional price moves and momentum
  • Get comprehensive insight on the BID/ASK spread and how this naturally alters
  • Learn about the different types of orders, what they really mean, and how & when to use them
  • Discover the principles behind slippage, partial fills, stop hunts, stop cascades etc
  • Find out about currency correlations and the mechanics which dictate exchange rates
  • Gain a whole new appreciation of what really happens when market participants interact each day
Technical analysis
  • Distinguish between real technical analysis and the more popular (futile) shape analysis
  • Learn to identify repeating patterns which lead to profitable market conditions with high probability
  • Discover the 3 vital components which must be present to confirm a profitable market condition
  • Find out how to confirm and then exploit genuine repeatable patterns

Section 2 – Risk

It’s impossible to profit over the long term as a forex trader if you cannot survive and overcome the inherent risks which are present in the market. Risk is the critical element which all professional traders concentrate most of their efforts on in order to avoid the danger they pose. This section focuses on the various risk factors which are responsible for destroying so many amateurs accounts and dreams, and explains how to protect yourself from becoming a victim of them.


  • Learn the difference between margin based leverage and real leverage
  • Understand the impact of leverage on transaction costs
  • Find out how increased leverage geometrically increases your risk
  • Learn to control leverage and use it to your advantage with minimal risk
Margin calls
  • Understand the differences between required margin, account margin, used margin, & available margin
  • Find out how margin calls can happen even when your account balance and equity are high
  • See why Margin calls can happen long before your stop loss is threatened
  • Learn the strategies to protect yourself from ever experiencing a margin call
  • See how volatility can lead to excessively wide spreads
  • Learn how stop orders can be ‘missed’ during volatile periods
  • Understand how volatility manifests itself on a price chart
  • Know how to implement simple techniques to safeguard against the adverse effects of volatility
Catastrophic loss
  • Find out how it is easy to lose far more than you planned, even when you use a stop loss
  • Discover how it is possible to lose more than you even have in your account and end up in debt
  • Learn how to prevent this ever happening to you
Odds & probabilities
  • Get a comprehensive insight to what odds really mean in relation to trading currencies
  • Understand and avoid the ‘gamblers fallacy’ which destroys so many amateurs
  • Learn the differences between the laws of large and small numbers to really put the odds in your favor
  • Learn to account for ‘chance’ and ‘random distribution’ so you never get caught out
  • Find out how to use odds & probability to make your trading robust and reliable

Section 3 – Money Management

Money management is the second most important element of a successful trading enterprise (you’re the first), and this section is dedicated exclusively to covering the details of exactly what a good money management system should include. This part of the course alone has the potential to dramatically improve your trading results.

Money management for Forex
  • Learn to trade the right position size to be able to survive the bad times and thrive in the good times
  • Find out how bad money management will destroy even a profitable system (and how to avoid it)
  • Discover the common misconceptions which cause amateurs to make money management mistakes
  • Understand the mathematics which effect money management decisions and outcomes
  • Learn the core money management model which will maximize your returns
  • See examples of proper money management model in action and the results they produce

Section 4 – Business Planning

Trading forex successfully requires a business minded approach, and that is precisely what we teach and explain in this fourth section. It’s a comprehensive module detailing exactly how to run a professional forex business, setting realistic goals and expectations, and creating a structured business plan to guide you to ultimate success.

Trade Forex as a business
  • Execute your trading as a business rather than a hobby
  • Learn why a carefully planned business approach dramatically increases your odds of success
  • Find out the the fast techniques which accelerate your positive results
  • Follow a proven step by step plan to full time profitability and financial security
Realistic trading expectations
  • Learn to set the right expectations on the right elements of your trading
  • Find out what can sensibly and realistically be achieved in all areas and then attain those targets
  • Know what to expect at every stage of your career and profit from your foresight
A Forex business plan
  • Get a template forex business plan to show you how to create your own
  • See a full example forex business plan so you can see what a completed one looks like
  • Learn how to develop a comprehensive blueprint of instructions to steer you to success
  • Discover how to create a step by step guide which practically ensures you reach your objectives

Currency Strength Analysis Software

The Complete Currency Trader market dashboard is a unique application which is not available anywhere else. The software literally pulls the curtain back to reveal the true underlying condition of the currency market second by second and tick by tick, providing you with one of the only truly beneficial edges available in forex. The software monitors the 8 major currencies, measuring all price changes, pip gains, and ticks registered, to paint a clear and definitive picture of precisely how each individual currency is performing in relation to any and all of the others. The resulting read out not only shows the exact state of each currency, but also ranks them against one another, and even lists the most favorable pairings which have the best potential for providing a profitable opportunity. This is valuable information which is hidden from other market participants, and provides a genuine statistically relevant advantage for your trading.

Forex Trading System

SystemFolderThis is the module the majority of people are most eager to get to, and it is certainly something they are understandably excited about. It explains in exacting detail James Edward’s personal trading system that he’s been using successfully with his own fund for the past several years. This is a professionally developed system which is proven to work in real market conditions (live trading) over the long term. This walks you step by step through every rule, condition, and scenario for trading the system for yourself.

System Overview

  • Find out about the background of the system – why & how it was developed
  • Learn how the system is grounded on genuine logic that actually has statistical relevance
  • Discover the principles behind why the system works, why it is so reliable, and why you can trust it
  • Get instructions on trading the system with the correct use of indicators and tools
Entry rules
  • Specific market conditions that present the best chances of profiting from
  • The exact currencies and pairs are the most favorable to trade
  • Precision timing for entering the trade
Stop Loss placement
  • Exact price level to place all stop loss orders ‘before’ opening the position
  • Carefully calculated stop distance to allow room for price fluctuation without being too wide
Position sizing
  • Know the precise number of LOTS to use on every trade
  • Position size always dictated by the meticulous & robust money management system
  • Risk is kept to a minimum with a carefully calculated formula
Open trade management
  • Precise rules for when and how to trail a stop loss, lock in profit, and reduce risk
  • All open trade management is dictated as market conditions change
Exit rules
  • Fully mechanical exit rules without any need for personal discretion or second guessing
Recorded “real time” trading tutorials
  • Watch James Edward trade in real time, making decisions based market information as it happens
  • See exactly what James sees and learn how to correctly analyze varying situations
  • Look over James’s shoulder as he adapts to changing conditions
  • Observe how a real trading week unfolds – wins, losses, good times and bad
  • Understand the process James goes through before and during every trade
  • Learn to trade by watching someone actually do it in real time without any “cherry picking”

Forex Indicators & Automated Trade Management EA’s


To compliment and accompany the main software and trading system, we also include some valuable additional indicators and trade manager instruments. These tools will automate much of the “leg” work of trading, from one-click on chart trading, calculating position size, placement of stops and profit targets, and managing trailing stop losses.

Scalper Expert Advisor
  • Automatically calculate position size and risk management for trades
  • Instantly places your stop loss and take profit target orders at the same time as entry
ATR Stop loss indicator
  • Marks the exact position on your chart for stop loss placements for both buy and sell trades
  • Calculates and displays the exact number of lots to be used for each trade
  • Identifies where to trail the stop loss on open trades
Trade manager Expert Advisor
  • One-click buy and sell buttons directly on the chart
  • Opens trades with the correct position size and money mangement calculations done for you
  • Submits a stop loss order simultaneously with entry order
  • Variable settings for take profit targets and risk:reward ratios
  • Submits profit target order simultaneously with entry order
  • Automatically trails your stop loss as the open trade progresses


Complete Currency Trader Released

Complete Currency Trader, a currency trading program that bills itself as a ‘no risk, guaranteed solution’ and has gotten the trading world a buzz with interest has caught my attention.

An extremely limited offer, Complete Currency Trader is a program that is all about the practical side of trading. It takes everything you’ve ever learned, and shows you how to best put this into practice. It gives traders a huge advantage because they understand how the market works on a fundamental level. All the modules in this program provide you with the answers to pretty much every question you’ve ever wanted to ask about trading Forex. This includes why and how to trade, microstructures, volatility, probabilities, outcome maximization, risk management, technical analysis and much, much more.

The Complete Currency Trader shows it includes a comprehensive Forex education and training system, live action videos with a superb Q&A session on each one, market analysis software, professional private fund speculative trading system, automated trading tools that include multiple Forex indicators which increase the likelihood of making substantial profits than with programs that only use one or two different indicators. The training system is provided in a 6 module, progressive development course that is not only easy to follow but also provides some of the most in-depth information regarding the fundamental approach to successful trading.

Delivered by mail to your door, Complete Currency Trader includes no cheap downloads that aren’t worth the time it takes to watch them. When done correctly, trading Forex really does offer the best opportunity for sustained profits and prosperity and this program shows you how to tap into this lucrative method of trading. It is one of the most transparent and easy to follow methods of trading that we’ve come across. No matter what your experience in trading Forex, you can easily follow this clever and pretty unique method of trading. This program goes deep into how trading Forex works; it not only shows you how to trade, but describes exactly why you need to take the actions that you do.

Complete Currency Trader is a program that really does provide what the clever marketing promises, that’s for sure. There’s no denying that James Edward certainly has a trading track record that most of us would kill for. He really provide a means whereby the average guy (or gal) on the street can duplicate this. What this currency trading program offers is a truly professional learning tool that shows you how the big boys trade, and why they’re so successful in what they do. The sales presentation is only available for a very short time. The program will fit in with your lifestyle and change it for the better with the profits it will bring you!

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